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    Les forums d’Albion Online sont un moyen très important pour nous pour communiquer avec vous, les joueurs. Là, nous posons régulièrement des informations, répondons à des questions et réglons des problèmes.
    Vous ne savez pas trop où chercher l’information dont vous avez besoin ? Voici les déclarations de développeurs les plus importantes de la semaine passée :

    État actuel de la Bêta Finale et suite (Sujet)
    Where do we see ourselves, what are we planning to for important topics as economy, PvP objectives and the world itself?
    Article: Fellow Adventurers,

    Thank you for supporting Albion Online, and for your help with improving the game through beta testing and providing valuable feedback.

    The Final Beta is now four weeks old. This is a good time to assess the state of the game as it is right now and plan for the final steps before the official release.

    Please keep in mind that - unlike many other games - Albion Online’s Beta is a true beta, meaning that we truly see it as a proper test designed to help us make the best game possible. It is not a “hidden release” with a beta tag added to it as a marketing trick. This does mean that there are inadvertently issues with the game that we will need to address prior to release. Albion Online is a staggeringly complex game and thus we absolutely do rely on proper testing to get it where it needs to be.

    All in all, we have mixed feelings about the Final Beta thus far. A lot of changes and new features lead to a significant improvement of the game. However, some of the changes gave rise to new issues, some of which feel like a setback compared to Beta 1.

    It is our goal to combine the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of Beta 1 and Final Beta to get the game ready for release - and we won’t release the game before it is ready.

    Below, we will highlight the key areas of improvement for you. The list is by no means exhaustive, so if a particular issue is not listed, it does not mean that we are not aware of it. It is our intention to address all of these issues during final beta, prior to release of the game.

    Note that the below list does not include new features planned. Our core focus is addressing the issues listed below first prior to introducing fundamentally new game mechanics to the game. Still, we do have new features in our pipeline, and we will announce them in due course.

    Travel and World Size
    The new world launched with Final Beta overall is an improvement over the old one. However, it is also very very large. We are introducing a travel mode for mounts, persistent mounts and well-balanced fast travel in green zones to address this.

    The current economy is very gathering centric, while not placing enough focus on PvP objectives and PvE. We will rebalance this to make sure that all the activities mentioned above play a key role in the game’s economy.

    In some circumstances, gathering can be a very tedious experience currently. We will re-balance the number of spawn nodes and respawn rates to achieve a significant improvement here, without deviating from the principle that high-end resources should be rare.
    Also, we will introduce special gathering armor sets for each of the gathering branches, with unique looks and unique abilities suitable for gathering and traveling. On top of that, we will add abilities to the gathering tools as well, such that you can - if you like - use them as an alternative to a regular weapon. So if you are a miner and want to PvP with your pickaxe, you can. The skills on these items would be optimized for surviving and escaping, which is very important for gatherers in general.

    Royal GvG in yellow and red zones
    We will bring back GvG to yellow and red zones

    PvP Objectives
    PvP objectives such as hell gates and treasure chests currently do currently not matter enough in the overall economy. Through our economy rebalancing, we will address this, and expect that chests and hell gates will almost always be fought over.

    Outlands World Design & Time Zones
    The current Outlands world design - combined with time zones - is not ideal, as it often means that guilds cannot effectively fight each other if they are in different time zones, as they are too far away from each other. On top of that, the current Outland design puts powerful guilds next to normal guilds, and for lack of better opponents nearby, leads to one-sided and thus boring confrontations. Finally, we are missing the amazing hot spots such as Bone Harbour that made the outland experience so much fun in Beta 1.
    We will re-design the Outlands in such a way that there is a region where powerful guilds from all time zones can settle close to each other and take part in constant conflict. At the same time, we will have an outland region for feasible to less hardcore guilds - again from all timezones - where they can settle and fight, without constantly being afraid of the power house guild next door. T7 and T8 will be available for both play styles, however, there will be more of it in the hardcore areas.
    PvP hotspots such as Bone Harbour from Beta 1 will be re-introduced to the game.

    City and Gate Camping
    Our current measures to keep city and gate camping in check are not effective enough. We will make a few changes to address this, the most important one being that we will replace city guards with more powerful ranged watch-towers. Another change is that we will make it harder for city campers to flee into the city if they face opposition.

    Red Zone PvP & Risk vs Reward
    We need to make sure that the red zones have a fair risk vs reward ratio for different player types. For criminals, this means that they, on average, should expect to score slightly more than 1 kill for each death that they suffer. More if they are skilled, less if they are not. For virtuous players, it means that they should be able to utilize red zones in such a way that the risk of getting ganked is real, but the reward for venturing into the red zones is higher, meaning that, on average, it is worth it. The closer we get to this ideal balance, the more populated the red zones will be. Currently, ganking in red zones is too easy, and currently, the balancing values for the crime system are probably a bit too soft. Expect some revisions here during the course of final beta, until we get it right.

    Our content pipeline is filled up with great additions, many of which will be rolled out during Final Beta. This includes two more biomes, the highlands and the forest, a huge amount of additional artifact items and also a set of new dungeons. Our goal is to produce new content on a constant basis, now and, of course, post-release.

    World Uniqueness
    We made a huge jump in world design from Beta 1 to Final Beta. However, we are far from where we want to be. All in all, our world does not feel real and unique enough, and this is something we will work on by improving the world map, introducing more diverse zones and improving the overall topology of the world map, meaning that you might have certain short-cuts, or more zones that do not have connections in all 4 directions. This will lead to a much more unique, strategic and immersive game experience.

    Music and Sound
    Finally, during this Beta, music and better sounds will be added to the game.

    Destiny Board: Ongoing Optimization
    As in any previous alpha and beta test, there is ongoing optimization happening to the destiny board. Currently, we believe that some unlocks are too grindy, whereas others are too easy. On top of that, we will revisit the ratio between learning points, fame and grind time to achieve optimum balance between them.

    The above list only highlights key strategic areas. As always, there are bug fixes, quality of life changes and little tweaks and improvements too numerous to list.

    État actuel de la Bêta Finale et suite (Suite du message)
    Un sujet dans lequel est abordé avec plus de profondeur la conception et la philosophie d’entreprise derrière Albion Online.
    Article: First of all, I'd like to point out that we have always been very clear about our philosophy with regards to Albion Online: the main goal is for the game to be successful in the long term. The game will be released when we believe that it's able to achieve that goal. Every time we gave an indication for a release date, we always made that clear.

    Having said that, we are certain that if we would release the game right now, it a business success. However, so are many games that still were pretty much dead 6 months later.

    Currently, there is a realistic chance that due to some flaws with the core game loop - those mentioned in the OP - the game might fail to gain lasting traction, and might crash and burn similar to so many other MMORPGs released over the past 5 years. This seriously cannot be what any body wants - in particular not because it is not rocket science to fix these issues, as you can see in the OP. It's not about re-inventing the wheel, it's largely about balance, polish and fine tuning, and (unfortunately) some world changes.

    From a players perspective, I think that most of you are looking for an MMO that they can play for an extended period of time. I am sure many players here had high hopes for games such as Wildstar, Black Desert, Arch Age or other games, hoping that finally, one game would "stick". And yet, they did not - though of course, the reasons for this vary.

    We can be very clear that, after 4 years of development and being extremely close to release, we will not jeopardize the success of the game out of impatience. As stated, there is no external business pressure forcing us to release prematurely, and again, I am convinced that even those players who now push for release would much rather see a great game, then to be looking back in a couple of months time and complaining about the game being released too early, or in an unfinished state.

    We are extremely close to getting the core game absolutely right, in a nutshell, it's about combining the best parts of beta 1 and final beta with regards to the economy, overall balance, world map and feature fine tuning.

    Once that's in place, we are ready for release and can finally start working on the long backlog of awesome expansions for the game. (arena, fishing, player run shops, putting more sand in the box, conquerable open world buildings, guild QoL, market upgarde, transport contracts, .. the list goes on)

    Réduire l’écart de puissance entre petits et larges groupes en PvP (Sujet)
    Comment encourager la formation de petits groupes ? Qu’est ce qui est prévu contre les Zergs ? Qu’en est-il du Tir Amical ?
    Article: 1. What is a zerg?
    How large a group of players has to be to be called zerg is widely subjective. Some players say it's groups larger than 5, others say it's 20 or more. Some people jokingly say that every group bigger than yours is a zerg. In reality, the largest groups we tend to see currently are around 20 players. On special occassions, we have seen battles with up to 70 or 80 players per side. Most groups in Albion, however, are usually in the 5-10 player range.

    2. Anti-Zerg Mechanics
    These are our mechanics to close the power gap between small and large groups. They work: with the right preparation and skill, it is possible to win group fights even if outnumbered 3 to 1.
    • Focus Fire Protection: if you get damaged by multiple players at once, you will get a % damage reduction that increases the more people are damaging you
    • Healing Sickness: if you are being healed by multiple healers at the same time, you will get a % healing reduction
    • Escalating AOE damage: if you hit multiple players, beyond a certain base number, at the same time with an AOE-Spell, the power of that spell will increase.
    • Crime System: in yellow and red zones, groups of people committing a crime all get the full crime penalty - it's not split up evenly.
    3. Fight or Flight
    Currently (31. August 2016), the fight or flight balance in Albion Online is not ideal. In general, if you notice an enemy group, it can be too hard to avoid the fight by running away. This of course does not mean that avoiding combat should be easy, however, it should be easier than it is right now. Once we have a better overall balance here, heavily outnumbered groups will be able to pick their fights more carefully, and we will see less instances of accidentially running into a situation where you cannot win, without any chance of avoiding the fight.

    4. Encouraging Smaller Groups
    We have various mechanics in the game that encourage people to split up into smaller groups. These are:
    • Hell Gates and Gateway Dungeons being limited to 5 players
    • Different treasure chests spawning at the same time, thus, encouraging larger groups to split up
    • GvG fights being 5v5 by design
    • Our fame bonus for playing in a group: it caps out at 5 players, so you get maximum efficiency in a group of 5
    • Upcoming: Mobs in Dungeons will get a focus fire protection if they are being hit by more than 5 players. (10 players in raid dungeons)
    5. Friendly Fire???
    Some people have suggested that we could further weaken larger groups by introducing friendly fire. We do not believe that this is the case.
    • Friendly fire does not hurt larger groups more than it hurts smaller groups. It's very easy to verify this by viewing various PvP videos - you will notice that the two groups fighting are usually well apart from each other
    • Friendly fire makes melee classes unviable in larger fights. But precisely smart melee play is needed to punish zergs to the maximum effect, and on top of that, Melee DPS roles are curerntly under-powered in group fights, which is something we plan to address soon.
    6. Reducing the member cap on guilds/alliances???
    It is often suggested that we should reduce the member cap on guilds and alliances to reduce zerging. Here is why this would not work:
    • The group sizes that people tend to call zergs (usually, groups of 15-20 players) are too small to be captured by any reasonable guild member cap. As a territory holding guilds needs multiple different professions, and given the fact that not everybody is online all the time, the lowest thinkable guild cap would probably be around 100 players. This would not catch any of the group sizes we are seeing in Albion.
    • The main impact of not being in the same guild or alliance would be friendly fire. However, friendly fire is not effective at weakening larger groups.
    • Even if there was an effective cap, it would be very easily played around. You can always set up alt guilds under the control of the main guild, circumventing any artificial restrictions set up. It's very likely that people who are asking for a cap on guild size would then be equally upset about guilds working around that cap.

    Quelle est la publique cible d’Albion Online ? (Réponse)
    Et que faisons-nous pour lui ?
    Article: I know this is Forum PvP, however, I do want to share my thoughts and understand the sentiment better:

    Between Beta 1 and Final Beta, the only thing that could be considered "less hardcore" is the crime and reputation system. Nothing else has changed on that front.

    Now, the crime and reputation systems main goal is actually to reduce mindless "kill anyone on sight because I can" and to reduce zerging in red zones. You still can, but you have to live with the consequences. It has been quite successful at that, though it does need some fine tuning. Our policy on the casual vs hardcore debate has been in place since we first introduced yellow and red zones (which I think was around 2 years ago).

    We substantially expanded the size of black zones - which did have unintended conquences which will be addressed.

    Now, during final beta:
    • We will bring back GvG to yellow and red
    • We will rework the outlands to be far more exciting, with a different layout and clear PvP hotspots similar to beta 1 and with guilds from different time zones being able to fight each other
    • We will buff the rewards for PvP objectives
    • We will shift a good chunk of the economic focus from gathering to PvP/PvE, such that both activities are needed
    Post release (or possibly during final beta), we will
    • Introduce faction warfare to red zones
    • Introduce capturable open world buildings / resource extractors to black zones
    • Introduce a PvP Arena for practice matches and player run challenges/tournaments
    If you have the impression that our focus has somewhat shifted in the past months, I can assure you that this is not the case.

    Quand est-ce que le GvG reviendra dans les Îles Royales ? (Réponse)
    Qu’allons-nous faire d’autre pour offrir des objectifs PvP plus intéressants ?
    Article: it will come back during final beta, we do not have an exact date yet, but will announce once we do.

    We will combine this with a nice small ugprade to watch towers. If you own a watch tower in a zone, you will get a passive income, calculated as a percentage of all silver and resources gathered in the zone. This has cool strategic implications, for example, it might encourage you to invite people into your zone to farm mobs and gather, or to prevent criminals from making your zone less active.

    We will likely not bring back home building territories to the red and yellow zones, though, as these would interfere with our goal to keep these zones optimized for small scale fighting. Home building territories with a barrier would automatically act as a safe retreat spot for zergs, and would render our crime system ineffective at discouraging them.

    Having said that, we are also working on a changed layout for the outlands that will allow for truly "lower end" areas where casual guilds can settle without having an absolute high end pro guild as their likely next door neighbour. In that context, gear soft capping (which we had in beta 1, and which worked quite well) will be brought back to the game, too.

    All the best,

    Plus d’infos sur les Hautes-Terres

    Impatients d’en voir plus des Hautes-terres ? Restez à l’affût, une présentation de la faune et de la flore des Hautes-terres sera disponible cette semaine !
    Artefacts Infernaux!

    La semaine dernière, nous annoncions les prochains objets d’Artefacts Infernaux. C’est un total de 15 nouvelles armes, 3 nouvelles armes secondaires et 3 ensembles d’armure qui seront bientôt disponibles !
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